Great Ideas For Pregnancy Gifts

pregnant woman

Looking for present ideas for a mum-to-be or a new mum? There are many great pregnancy gifts out there for expectant mums and it’s a great way to show you they care. It’s the perfect time to pamper them, whether you’re buying them new items for bubs, or presents for Mum, you’ll know they’ll appreciate it.

Pregnancy gifts are a great way to recognise what can be an exciting and very stressful time. New mums will love practical items for baby as there are often a million things they need and always at least a few things forgotten or missed out on, or presents that are just for her – many people often forget that mum needs time for self-care too when a baby’s on the scene, so she’ll love a pregnancy gift that helps her look after herself especially when she’s carrying a child.

Producing new life is a big and tiring job, so expecting mums certainly deserve a little pampering!

Here are a few ideas for what you can get for her to show her you’re thinking about her.

A body pillow

Sleeping with a big belly can be seriously difficult, that’s why a great pregnancy gift idea is a comforting and supporting body pillow. This will help her to get a good night’s sleep and she’ll love you for it. Body pillows can take the pressure off her joints and will cradle her belly, taking the wait off her back and organs so that she can get a more comfortable night’s sleep. Anyone who has ever suffered from sleep deprivation will know how important sleep is and understand why this is a present she’ll love.

Pictures for the nursery

Decorating a new nursery can be one of the most fun, and difficult tasks. Decorating the nursery can be an expensive and time consuming task, which is why she’ll love décor additions like gorgeous prints, posters or paintings to go up on the wall. This makes a fun and thoughtful present.


Women love jewelry, so why not get her something just for her? You could even get her an engraved necklace or bracelet designed to commemorate her pregnancy, think her birth date or the name of her new baby. It will be a beautiful present that she will cherish forever and maybe even pass on to her new little one.

Baby books

pregnant woman and a book

New mums love to document everything, so why not help her with a beautiful baby book or notebook designed to keep all of her cherished and precious memories documented? This makes a great pregnancy gift and is something that she’ll want to keep forever.

Books about baby’s

Another great and very practical idea is to buy her books on the topic of her new bubs or what to expect whilst she’s carrying her baby. Growing new life can be a scary time, many new mums don’t quite know what to expect and even people on to their second or third child might find that their experience is different with each one or might even find that they’ve forgotten exactly what it was like. Books can help people to prepare and feel like they’re ready for what will be one of the biggest milestones and changes in their life.

Bath soaks

Carrying a new baby is exhausting, helps her pamper herself with beautifully scented bath salts or soaks. A nice soak in the tub will help her relax and will also help to take some of the pressure off of her back and help to alleviate pain and discomfort. This is a great present to show you care.