What Is a Fronius Inverter? Your Questions Answered

Solar panels

If you are curious as to what a Fronius inverter actually is, you are not alone. We have put together this article to help you better understand what this hugely popular product is, why you might need one, and where to buy one.

In a paragraph,

It is a device used in solar energy systems. It converts the DC electricity generated by the solar system into AC electricity, which is compatible with the grid. And the fancy name is the brand, which has a 20+ year track record of delivering high quality solar energy devices to residential and commercial clients.

Deciding where to shop for one

While the original manufacturer is usually your best bet when it comes to selecting a high-quality and reputable product, if for some reason you want to purchase one from elsewhere, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Does the manufacturer have a good reputation and a long history of providing this product?
  • Is their product certified and does it meet all the government standards and requirements?
  • Does the Fronius inverter capacity match that of your solar panels, and if it doesn’t, will it be able to manage the disparity?
  • Are there many solar panel configurations you can make using the device?
  • How efficient is the device?
  • Does the device come with a good warranty?
  • Does the device possess MPP tracking?

And one of the most commonly asked questions…

Where was it made?

We all know that different nations have different standards when it comes to product quality. As such, certain country’s products may not be suitable for exporting to other countries. For example, imports into the EU need to be CE certified – this simply says that it meets the legislated requirements for importing.

That being said, a Fronius inverter made in China isn’t necessarily bad, and one made in Australia isn’t necessarily good.

So what determines how good it is?

The biggest factor in deciding which device to buy in Australia comes down to whether or not it meets the minimum standards set by the Clean Energy Council. So rather than worrying about where it was made, focus on whether it meets CEC standards.

What makes Fronius Inverters different?

Compared to other brands, Fronius inverters come with a myriad of impressive benefits.

Very high efficiency

Their devices boast a maximum efficiency of 98%, and work exceptionally even in low-light situations. They achieve this by using three efficiency peaks instead of one, and by combining a number of power modules in a single device, which many other brands do not do. The device also uses an algorithm which switches the modules on or off instantly based on voltage input changes. This ensures that the device’s workload is evenly spread throughout all the components, and leads to a longer service life.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to the Fronius inverter mounting system, maintaining your device is incredibly simple. It works to raise the device up slightly so that it is easier to access and so that the components can be separated easily. This also helps with ventilation, keeping the device cool and functioning at its best. The device also features ventilation ducts which are sealed hermetically, preventing dust from touching the sensitive parts inside.

Online monitoring

One of the biggest and most exciting benefits of purchasing the Fronius inverter is that they are fitted with a monitoring device, which allows the company to track them and provide you with instant troubleshooting from a distance. This saves you expensive visits to the site for little issues which could have been resolved by you.