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Here’s the Best Time to Visit Africa

elephants in the wild

The secret to figuring out when the best time to experience the best family African safari is knowing where exactly you’re going. The country you go to and what you want to see will determine when to travel.



September through to April are the ideal months to go to Ethiopia as this is the dry period – although up until October the landscape will be green and fresh. Avoid going in August, as this is when the country is at its wettest and coldest – some areas can even drop below freezing when the sun goes down.

While it’s generally cold and damp all through the year, June and July (until around October) tend to face the longest downpour, with lots of fog hiding all the beautiful views. If you want to attend Timkat (the country’s largest Christian celebration), the best time to visit Africa is in January.



Madagascar is a beautiful country, but beware of cyclones! Cyclones most often strike during February, but to be safe, avoid going between January and March. If you want to see the baby lemurs, the best time to visit Africa is during October and December.


Southern countries

If you’re planning on seeing game in Botswana or Namibia, travel during the cool yet dry season from July to October, where you’ll see wildlife huddled around waterholes. It gets busy during this period, so be sure to book ahead and be prepared to pay high prices. If you go during November to March you won’t see as much wildlife, though you may see more young animals.

If you’re going to Cape Town, however, it’s the opposite – November to March is the driest, hottest period. The best time to visit Africa in Malawi and Zambia is during May to November, ideally towards the end; it’s the perfect warm weather for a safari. March through to May tends to be quite damp and soggy, so accommodation in some areas may be closed during this period.


Eastern countries

The best time to visit Africa in Tanzania and Kenya is between July and October; this is when the Great Migration across the Mara River takes place. While game is around all year, the rainy months between March and May makes them more difficult to find, and roads are often blocked. However, if you’re looking for a cheap deal, this is a good opportunity. Avoid climbing Kilimanjaro during the wet season, though, as the rain can make it dangerous, and some lodges in the area will be closed.

If you’re planning on going gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda, try to avoid the rainy period between March and May (November is also quite wet), as it may affect your ability to go on the trek.


Northern countries

If you’re heading north, the best time to visit Africa will be during autumn and spring, as they boast the ideal weather for walking in Morocco. Be aware that dust storms tend to hit the desert during February through to April, however. During the middle of summer, you’ll want to skip the Sahara as temperatures will be scorching – the coast will be much more pleasant. If you want to sightsee in Egypt, opt for anywhere between October and April, where temperatures are milder. Avoid peak season during December and January if you want to skip the crowds. You can travel on a budget during the summer if you want to brave the heat.

As you can see, the best time to visit Africa depends on where in the continent you are travelling to and what you want to see.


Shopping Tips When Purchasing Local Aus Bongs

man with smoke on his mouth

Sourcing Aus bongs should be a fun and relatively straightforward exercise for tobacco smokers who know the terrain.

It is those shoppers who are new to the market who are entering unknown territory, unsure about which online outlets are able to provide them with the goods.

To secure a worthwhile investment, it is worthwhile following some proven principles that will help constituents to locate a domestic bong brand that works for them.


Different Materials for Different Use

Tobacco smokers are spoiled for choice when they discover the different material varieties that are on show through brands of Aus bongs. They will be classified through the following profiles:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Bamboo

Specialists in this field will make recommendations on these items according to the behaviours and tastes of the consumer. The glass and plastic materials are easier to access and offer a transparent smoking experience where condensation levels and ingredients are easy to read. Yet the metal, bamboo and ceramic varieties offer a more creative aesthetic presentation that can appeal to citizens who want to immerse themselves into a unique culture.


Size Considerations

A common rule of thumb for consumers in the market for Aus bongs is that large cylinders provide a higher quality hit than their smaller counterparts. From designs that support a round base to beaker shapes, straight tubes, percolators and multi-chambered creations, they will commonly be sold in varieties that begin with a modest/beginners size to the very expansive models that are used for seasoned smokers who want maximum value. It is important to note that the greater the size of the product, the higher the cost and the more value has to be placed on the safe transport of the goods.


Ease of Cleaning & Conditioning


The best approach that smokers can take to acquire Aus bongs that last is to secure items that are easy to clean and condition. The harder this process is to engage, the shorter the lifespan of the actual product. That is one of the attractive selling points of sourcing a transparent material like a glass or plastic material, ensuring that the residue can be easily viewed before a cleaning kit is applied to the item. A regular wash of the bong will allow the consumer to smoke till their heart’s content, avoiding any toxic chemical buildup that makes for an unpleasant and unhealthy exercise.


Price Tag Not Always Indicative of Quality

There can be extra items that can be thrown into a package of Aus bongs that can be more indicative of investment value than just the price tag itself. From cleaning kits and vaporisers to ash catchers and other parts that will help to enhance the tobacco smoking experience, it is worthwhile taking stock of what the domestic brand is willing to extend to their constituents. The same can be said for free shipping measures, warranties and return policies that reduces the risk of the investment.


Certified Brand Sellers Only

Given the existence of black market entities, it is imperative that domestic shoppers undertake their due diligence when acquiring Aus bongs. If they have been validated by other smokers in the community courtesy of 5-star ratings and quality written feedback published on open channels, shoppers will have peace of mind knowing they are purchasing the goods from a reputable seller.


Once a relationship has been formed between a certified domestic seller of Aus bongs and their shoppers, it will be easier to understand where their value lies and what items are worthwhile purchasing. It is for first time constituents who need to be able to locate these entities before they can place trust in their business.


Why Patients Value Their Online Referral Medical Service


The advent of online referral medical service might have appeared like an obscure concept a few years ago, but this has been a positive step forward for local constituents who want a superior level of healthcare access.

Not every patient under every set of circumstances will find such an initiative useful, but it has been a means of improving medical education and expanding access to communities that would have otherwise been left isolated.

Here we will discuss why such a service is valued by patients in a domestic setting.


Easy Access to Medical Care

A consistent issue that many residents have encountered across suburban and rural communities is the access to quality medical care. While many constituents in metropolitan and built-up suburban locations have been able to visit their trusted doctor within walking or short driving distance of the their home, that is not the case in more isolation areas of Australia. With the advent of an online referral medical service, participants are able to access a range of benefits all at the convenience of their home computer, tablet or mobile phone. That process alone helps to knock down walls that would otherwise prove to be an impediment.


Cash in the Pocket

Outside of some bulk-billed practices, the capacity to utilise an online referral medical service will put cash back in the pockets of local constituents. Such a feature is showcased without the need to be transported from one location to another and to pay a fee to the practice, even for general checkups or follow up appointments. With so many cost of living pressures increasing on constituents, the capacity to save upwards of $100 for a visitation remains a major selling point.


Covering the Medical Spectrum

From vomiting and diarrhea to headaches, sore throats, aching muscles, rashes, flu’s and fevers to mental ailments, the use of an online referral medical service will cover the a wide ranging spectrum. There will be certain niche services where in-person appointments are mandatory, but this is not the case for a majority of constituents who simply want to access care that is right for their requirements. Even niche medical specialists are making the transition for the benefit of their regular patients, ensuring they can maintain that patient-doctor relationship for an ongoing condition.


Improving Patient Awareness & Education

One of the great frustrations that patients can have with in-person appointments is being under time pressure where important questions and follow up questions are often forgotten. This is more than an inconvenience for individuals who want to be able to ascertain what medicines and therapies they should be seeking, what activities they should engage in, what they should eat and drink and expected length of recovery. Such education is improved when participants are able to log on and utilise the assistance of an online referral medical service.


Tangible Time Saver

The time saving convenience should not be underestimated for residents who are able to utilise a certified online referral medical service. By the time some constituents leave their home and travel to see a specialist as they sit in the waiting room, this process can accumulate hours and hours of their time. Given work and family commitments that interfere in the weekly schedule, bypassing these activities can be incredibly beneficial.


Fortunately there is a positive knock-on effect for local constituents who decide to take advantage of their online referral medical service. Those who do actually attend in-person appointments should discover less congestion as they follow up with a visitation that requires their immediate attention. By expanding on health services across the country and innovating for new access pathways, residents will be able to get the best from both worlds and make key decisions on their healthcare needs at their own discretion.


What To Look For When Hiring Rubbish Pick up and Demolition Contractors In Sydney

demolition service

If you find yourself stuck in a renovation project or some other job because you need to safely destroy a old structure to make way for a new one, you should seek professional assistance to ensure the job is done right and you meet your due diligence. Attempting to perform this kind of work without the adequate qualifications, tools and training means that you’d be breaking the law as well as putting yourself, your property and others at risk.

If you live in the more populated regions of New South Wales, then it would make sense for you to consider hiring rubbish pick up and demolition contractors from Sydney to assist you. These trained professionals have all the necessary expertise and experience to make sure the job is done to the best possible standard.

Let’s examine some things you should look at when you are considering hiring rubbish pick up and demolition contractors in Sydney.


1.     What’s their reputation like?

When engaging rubbish pick up and demolition contractors in Sydney, you want to make sure you talk to a firm that has a proven track record behind it. You want to be able to trust who you are giving your money too so that you know they have done this kind of work before.

The best way to discover the reputation of a firm is to Google their business name and check multiple independent review sites. If the general consensus of the reviews is positive, then go with that demolition contractor in Sydney.

However, if they have generally negative reviews or it’s a very mixed bag – you would probably be better off going elsewhere. While there’s always a chance that certain negative reviews are exaggerated or have a bias attached to them, there is a point where there must be something wrong with the business to get so much bad feedback.


2.     What are they qualified to destroy?

Rubbish pick up and demolition contractors in Sydney are as varied as any other group of professionals and the firm you hire may or may not be able to destroy the structure you want. Some firms are only qualified to undertake small-scale work such as knocking down a single wall or dismantling a chimney.

If you have a bigger project in mind that needs and entire room destroyed or heavily altered, you will need to hire bigger rubbish pick up and demolition contractors in Sydney to assist you. The most qualified people in this profession are the ones responsible for collapsing old office buildings using controlled explosive detonations at key leverage points.

If you try to engage a company that isn’t qualified for the job you want them for, they will say no. If they actually agree to it then they are breaking the law by accepting a job they shouldn’t be.

This is why you need to double-check the honestly of the firm you speak with to ensure they are actually qualified to do the job you are hiring them for. There are plenty of ‘cowboys’ out there who prey on the ignorance of people and say they are qualified to do a job when they aren’t or deliberately obfuscate details on their company.


3.     Are they affordable?

Of course, you want to ensure that the rubbish pick up and demolition contractors in Sydney that you hire are giving you a fair price for their services. It’s also important that they have a means for you to express dissatisfaction and have the issue redressed should something go wrong.

Why You Should Try Temperature Control With Your E-Cigarette

Have you ever experienced a dry hit? A sudden awful taste fills your mouth, like charcoal, and you suddenly feel like you’re lungs are burning. Dry hits are more than just unpleasant; they can actually be dangerous to your health.

Dry hits usually happen as a result of the coils in your e-cig overheating, which can burn your e-liquids and burn out your wick, causing the dry hit. Some people might think it’s unavoidable, but there’s actually a lot you can do to prevent it.

Want to find out how to avoid an unexpected dry hit? Proper temperature control can go a long way in preventing an unpleasant vaping experience, read on below to find out more.


What is temperature control when it comes to e-cigarettes?

Temperature control is a safe and effective method for preventing your coil from overheating in your e-cig. Temperature control can help detect when overheating is occurring and prevent any damage to your coils. Temperature controls can prevent damage by turning off your e-cig by shutting it off when your coils reach a certain temperature.


How can it benefit you?

So how can temperature control on your e-cigs benefit you? Overheated coils can ruin your e-liquid, prevent you from getting vapour and disrupt a good vaping session. Often, if your coils burn, it can ruin your whole tank of e-liquid Australia and make it taste burnt. Temperature control vaping is safer for you and your e-cig device and will prevent any unwanted damage or burning.


How does it work?

If you want to practice temperature control, then you’ll need an e-cog device that supports the function. This usually involves using certain materials that can be more easily monitored by a temperature control device, so you’ll need coils made out of nickel, titanium or stainless steel. Temperature control technology can pick up the starting temperature before you begin a session, and continue to monitor the temperature as your coil heats up. A comfortable temperature for most e-cig coils is usually around 200-250 degrees.


Tips to keep in mind

If you’re keen to try out temperature control vaping then there are a few things you should keep in mind.

There are a lot of devices on the market now that cater to temperature control needs, so you should be able to find a good device to monitor your coils temperature without too much trouble online or in-store.

If you already have a device without temperature control, then you might be able to find replacement parts that can adapt your device for temperature control. You could replace your coil heads for example.

Once you have a temperature control device you’ll need to ensure that it’s programmed to the right temperature to prevent your coil from burning, and you’ll need to find the right resistance based on the material used in your coil, nickel and titanium will have different heating resistances for instance.

Consulting your e-cigarette manufacturer is the best way to gauge what your temperature settings should be. If you’re not 100% sure then it’s better to be cautious and set things a little bit lower than you might need to.


In summary

It can be really frustrating when your e-cig coils overheat and you suddenly get a mouthful of burnt vapour. Beyond just a horrible taste in your mouth, it can ruin your equipment and mess up your e-liquid. It’s wasteful and dangerous to your health to swallow burnt e-liquids. A lot of people enjoy temperature control vaping and have found it to be a great way of preventing damage or dry hits.


Importance of Rubbish Removal

The rubbish removal is the most common practice done by the people around so as to make the surroundings clean. None of us want to make our house or workplace untidy. The community also has to be kept clean by stopping the littering of unwanted materials in the open spaces. There is also an opportunity for the common people not to drop the wastes in the public spaces, but how many of us follow those rules are very few in number. In fact the commercial areas or the industries also generate lot of wastes from their enterprises which have to be disposed in the most appropriate manner. Here arises the importance of rubbish removal companies. The most important feature of the team is that they are well equipped with the machineries and other necessary items so that all the processes become easier. This is also a reason why most of the common people for such services.

old building

The two different factors which have to be considered when the waste management is done are the environment and community. The effects on environment by the harmful wastes are very pathetic which can also affect the future generations. The sustainable development has to be followed by not harming the present resources in nature that are non renewable. Once the non renewable resources are over it seems very difficult for the human kind to exist on the earth. This is why the pollution should be controlled to the greater extent so that the resources are conserved.

We should be aware of the fact that the trash left on the backyard does not remain there but it gets spread over through different mediums like air water and land. This is how the pollution is spreading in the society. In fact the damage to the pants and trees near to the pollution is also very high which indirectly affect the existence of human beings and other animals on earth. Many studies show that the lack of proper lumber eviction has resulted in the formation of endangering of animals.

The next effect of debris extermination is on the community in such a way that the cleanliness is always maintained so that the number of diseases formed is reduced. It is a widely accepted fact that each person living in the community has to realize his or her role in making the community clean. They should understand that their one act which creates pollution can make severe damages to the total ecosystem. The awareness about the cleanliness to be kept in the public spaces as well as the private establishments have to be given to the common people so that only they can put their hands for the same.

The rubbish removal is very essential for keeping the environment as well as the community healthy and clean. The practices of common people have to be controlled or regulated by the authorities that enforce rubbish removal in all sectors of the community. The agencies for rubbish removal also help in this context.

Benefits of the PR Agency Sydney

Gaining the confidence of investors out there can be so hard. For that reason, you will need to do extra work for you to convince them that indeed you are trust worthy. You can achieve this if your business has got a good rapport with the customers and other investors. You need to have your businesses covered by the media through the television coverage and through newsletters and other available magazines. The information thereafter will be able to talk well about your company. If your customers are going to read such information, you can rest assured that you are going to retain them for a long period of time.


Similarly, the information can be accessed by the investors who may want to invest in the kind of business that you are engaged in. this is the reason as to why you need the services of the PR agency Sydney. This company shall help you to market your products and the firm in particular in so many ways. The following are some of the benefits that your business is likely to gain from the services of the public relations company;

Improved SEO

As far as online marketing is concerned, you need the highest quality of content that can make your company ranked highest in the search engines. If you hire the pr firm Sydney, you can be pretty sure that the company shall provide your web with the best and accurate data as far as your business is concerned. The information shall be posted online so that whenever your clients or customers shall be looking for your company, it shall occur at the highest rank hence assure you that the information shall be accessed as fast as possible. Today people are looking for the products and services online. This is therefore the place or the platform that you need to invest on.

Attract high-end talent

As your business is blossoming, there is a probability that it may be having some technical challenges. If you are publicizing the challenges, then you are more likely to attract the best brains from all over the world to come and aid you in the provision of the services that are efficient and timely. The attraction of such talents can be done better if you are using the pr organization Sydney as the provider of the content that can attract such fellows from all corners of the world. This is what your business is lacking for it to grow to greater heights.

Increased trust

If you wish to do any business with anybody, you need to proof to them that you are trustworthy. Nobody will risk investing his or her money in the business that cannot be entrusted. This is the reason why you need to contact the pr agency Sydney services so that the company can market your business out there. The publicity will make many interested parties to have full trust in your business hence be ready to invest in it.

Are Criminal Lawyers Good Traffic Offence Lawyers Parramatta?

The team Criminal and Traffic Law is very famous traffic offence lawyers Parramatta who is specialized in making the client the most satisfied one by giving unexpected results. The contact number of the team is 02 9723 3522. The team handles both the criminal awl and traffic law exclusively so that the expertise they have in the same field is highly appreciable. No other branches of law are handled by this amazing team so that they can know each nook and corner of the cases from these law branches. The guarantee of the team given to their clients that the senior advocates practicing in the team can easily defend the rights of the client to the full extent is highly noteworthy. Unlike the many criminal lawyers Parramatta this particular agency offers free consultation for the interested clients for the first time of meeting.


In the first meeting with the senior advocate the client is well explained about the possible legalities involved in the case. The rights and other options available to the client are also well explained by the members of this organization. In fact the instructions about the moving of the case are also given in this stage. The team is one of the best motor vehicles cases advocates Parramatta who have an experience of numerous years in the field. The justice system of criminal law as well as the procedure and practice is also well familiar to the team so they get the best results in the most of their cases.

This agency is one of the road accidents barristers Parramatta which have deep knowledge about the intricacies so that the possible route of the case can be framed by the firm after knowing the facts. They have been appearing in the local as well as the district courts for many years so that all the court proceedings are by hearted by them. The trials, hearings, appeals and also the applications for bails are also managed by their team. The updating of the latest decisions and recent judgments also make the team able to move with the time.

The other driving offences solicitors Parramatta must not be regularly updated about the case laws of recent landmark judgments and legislation as well. But in case of the team Criminal and Traffic law the team handles a case in hand with the most recent updates in the judgments. The drug driving is the other area which the team manages with most easiness. Thus this makes them aware of the fact that the clients have to be properly informed about their rights so that only the complete involvement and participation of the clients can be made assured.

The difference of the team Criminal and Traffic Law relies on the way they treat the clients since the senior advocates are handling all the cases. To be the most asked for criminal lawyers Parramatta the team has only little distance to be traveled. The expertise in criminal law also helps to achieve the proper results.

Different Features of Scaffolding Melbourne

State-wide scaffolds  

This is one of the most popular teams of scaffolding Melbourne which is running by a family since the last 70 years. Though the team is established in 2006 with a label and name the experience of the members in the team is for numerous years. The team always give attention to satisfy the growing needs of scaffolding Melbourne so that they became the trendsetter in the industry. The working experience of the team made them sufficient enough to understand the requirements for the expert services. It is also important to be noted about the team that the way how the customers are treated in the team is also quite attractive. The communication which is maintained at all stages of the service makes the objections easily faced within short period of time. The sharing of skill is the major highlighted feature of the team which is rarely seen in the other service providers.

In fact the staging Melbourne can be easily managed only if the integration of expertise of scaffolds is possible. Since it is vast in nature the integration process does not seems to be that easy. Who is mostly benefitted from this are the customers because the pricing of the services are very low when compared with the competitors. All the details of different services from the team are given in the official website so that the interested persons can go through to know more about the team. The message box is also helpful which enables the prospective customers to contact the team.  

The different services of elevated platforms Melbourne by the team includes all round care and maintenance throughout the service period. It is a very special feature of the team that they provide full packages to the customers. It includes scaffold hire, labour, and transportation facilities, designs which are exclusive and exquisite, drafting, engineering and many more. The common issue faced by the scaffold industry is the safety standards. What makes the tea very reliable as well as credible about the safety is that they go for the most modern technology in the same aspect.  

The erected support Melbourne has to comply certain regulations prescribed by the government of the country. This includes the possession of White Card for the labours which indicates the holder has undergone the induction and other training programs. These training programs are given to the beginners and later certain refreshing programs are given. The method statements of the work by the team are also very different in the safety measures. The assistance given to the supervisors, workers and all other people in the worksite also makes the team very particular in their approach to the entire industry.  

The State-wide Scaffolds are very famous for the experience they have in the industry scaffolding Melbourne. The team gives the services at competitive prices and the safety measures are of the most modern technologies. The team has experience of around 70 years in the field so that all kinds of needs and requirements of each customer are easily satisfied.

Famous Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

Rafton lawyers
This is a famous team of Sydney divorce lawyer who have expertise in all kinds of spousal disputes. The main attractions of the team which makes them very special among the other Sydney divorce lawyer is that they are professional, friendly and down to earth in their approach to the clients. The team has five offices in Sydney in which all the lawyers are accredited solicitors who have high expertise in the family law. The compassionate attitude of the lawyers make the clients feel they have come to not the office of an advocate but to the house of a close friend. The highly qualified lawyers in the team are trained in such a way that to treat the clients with empathetic attitude because problem in the family is a situation in which a person has to face lot of dilemma and stress.
What make the team very different from the other Sydney marital breakup solicitors are the services in full range. They are experts in family law so that they could go for all the aspects of family issues and spousal disputes. It includes the matters related to divorce, settlements of properties between spouses or other relatives, issues related to children like custody and maintenance, representation in the court etc. the interested persons can make contact with the team members by using the message box provided in the official webhosted of the team. All the contact information is also given in the website.
One of the advantages of the team over the other Sydney marital annulment advocates is that they also go for mediation and resolution of deputes between spouses. This is because of the reason that the team realizes the value and worth of the family relationships especially spousal relation. They try their level best to rejoin the broken ends so that the parties to the suit can lead a happier life ahead. It is also important to be noted that the extended procedure and structure of the family courts will make it delayed to reach in the disposition of the case.
Thus the team, unlike the other Sydney marital abrogation legal practitioners decides to settle the case out of the court. This will save the time so that the rage and grief of the spouses are come to an end within short period of time. Otherwise, there is a chance to increase the hatred with the time passing so that a patch up becomes impossible. This situation is easily avoided with the help of resolution of disputes by the lawyers in the team itself. The testimonials and review about the services of the team by the old clients are also given in the official website so that interested persons can check it.
The major attractions of the team Rafton which makes them one of the most asked Sydney divorce lawyers is the friendly and professional service given to the customers. The team also goes for mediation and dispute resolution so that there is no chance for increased rivalry.